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Should You Get a Job or Start a Business?


With unemployment at all time highs in many areas of the United States, finding a job might not be that easy. One that will support a family anyway. So you might find yourself wondering if maybe you should start your own business and, if so, which one?  Today we will explore what to expect when deciding if you should get a job or start your own home-based business. For most people just starting out, I would recommend doing both.

First let’s define what I mean by a “job”.  A job, for the purposes of this blog, is anything you do for someone else that you get paid to do – like working at McDonald’s or working in a factory making drive chain for tractors. I’ve done both! At a job, you have no control over how things are done. You don’t get to make any major decisions. You just show up, do what they told you to do, go home and get a paycheck every week or two. You have no control over your wages either. Your wages are what they are. You might be lucky enough to get a raise once a year or so but unless you are willing to work more hours – when they are available – or get a second job, there is really no way to make more money when you really need it.

One of things I plan to discuss in another blog post is getting a job online, and yes it can be done.  There are many companies that are willing to let their employees work from home. I spent 5 years as a customer service rep for a cable company and then a cell phone company.  You get paid an hourly wage just like you would if you actually went to their facility and worked. You put your 8 hours in, get your breaks and get paid every week the same as if you actually showed up at their office and took calls.  Once again, tho, the only way to make more money is to work more hours or get a second job.

The other option is start a home-based business.  For the purpose of this blog, a home-based business involves joining an MLM or network marketing business that is already established. Yes, you could actually start a business such as babysitting or house cleaning or maybe there is something that you do really well that others would pay you to do and you could do that from home.  But once again you run into the issue that the only way to make more money is to work more hours or get a second job.  The beauty of network marketing is that you work hard, help other people and as your business grows so does your paycheck.  After a few years of hard work, much of your paycheck comes from the work of other people and you can end up working fewer hours and actually enjoying yourself instead of working more hours or getting another job.

If you work your home-based business like it’s a second job, keeping regular hours and doing the work that needs to be done, in 1-3 years you will be able to quit your job and just continue to build your business.  In 5-7 years you will have a team built that will allow you to live the good life.  Get a job for the short-term and start a home-based business you can build for long-term success.


My Best Ever Time Management Tip

Set a timer for 15 minutes

Set a timer for 15 minutes

When it comes to working from home and getting things done multi-tasking might come naturally but it might surprise you to learn you are getting way less accomplished that you think you are.  Here is a great strategy for actually completing some of those tasks on that long to-do list you have.

The first thing you have to do —-

Is turn everything off!

Yes, turn off Everything that has nothing to do with the task you are trying to complete.  For example, if you need to write that blog post for day 2 of the 30 day challenge, you need to turn off FaceBook, turn off Twitter, close all those webpages, and Yes – turn off your phone.

BUT only for 15 minutes.

The second thing you want to do is set a timer for 15 minutes. As long as that timer is ticking, work on completing the task at hand such as writing that post.

You will be amazed at how much you can get done in 15 minutes.  It also works very will with children to tell them that when the alarm goes off we will do something they want to do.

If you haven’t finished your task once the alarm goes off, take a short break, then reset the timer.

What I do is make my to-do list out the night before and prioritize everything then I take 15 minute chunks out of my day and get way more done than I ever did before.


A New Job For a Great New Year

A New Job For a Great New Year

Here’s hoping you find the perfect job to make 2013 the best year ever!


   First, I would like to wish everyone a very Happy New Year! 2012 had many, many ups and downs for my family but we pulled through. I learned a lot of stuff that I hope to share here on this blog in regards to working from home. We will discuss how to get a job working from home and we will also discuss how to work your own home-based business.

   I truly believe the traditional ways of working for a single employer 40 hours a day for 40 years, retiring and collecting a pension are over. I also do not believe that the government will be much help in the form of social security. I think more and more jobs will be available for people to do from home — you will be surprised and amazed at how many are out there already.

   I also believe that we need to invest in ourselves. We need to learn entrepreneurial skills that will serve us in building our own business. Having a job, earning wages and working for someone else is fine — short term — but we need to find a way to build our own home-based business. We will be exploring ways to work from home, what works and what is just a smoke screen of wishes and myths that will do nothing but drain what money you are making from your job.  

   At this point, you may want to know what makes me such an expert. I can tell you that I have sunk thousands of dollars into various online venues learning not only what works, but how and why something works – or doesn’t. I have also spent over 5 years working for companies that pay their employees a regular paycheck. These were regular jobs that take out taxes, pay into social security, and have regular 40 hour weeks with breaks and a lunch hour. I will be explaining more about how these companies work and where to find a regular job you do from home.

   With unemployment at all-time record highs, finding a job online and working your own home-based business, online and offline, is one plan that can truly turn this economy around.