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My Best Ever Time Management Tip

on January 3, 2013
Set a timer for 15 minutes

Set a timer for 15 minutes

When it comes to working from home and getting things done multi-tasking might come naturally but it might surprise you to learn you are getting way less accomplished that you think you are.  Here is a great strategy for actually completing some of those tasks on that long to-do list you have.

The first thing you have to do —-

Is turn everything off!

Yes, turn off Everything that has nothing to do with the task you are trying to complete.  For example, if you need to write that blog post for day 2 of the 30 day challenge, you need to turn off FaceBook, turn off Twitter, close all those webpages, and Yes – turn off your phone.

BUT only for 15 minutes.

The second thing you want to do is set a timer for 15 minutes. As long as that timer is ticking, work on completing the task at hand such as writing that post.

You will be amazed at how much you can get done in 15 minutes.  It also works very will with children to tell them that when the alarm goes off we will do something they want to do.

If you haven’t finished your task once the alarm goes off, take a short break, then reset the timer.

What I do is make my to-do list out the night before and prioritize everything then I take 15 minute chunks out of my day and get way more done than I ever did before.


3 responses to “My Best Ever Time Management Tip

  1. Jon Patrick says:

    Great, great idea! I struggle (like most) with the many distractions from the internet and family, and do my most productive work between 10-11 at night when everyone is heading to bed. The 15 minute alarm is a great idea to keep focused and also let the family know I’ll be back soon and not wandering off into internet-land!

  2. buddyhodges says:

    An excellent plan Nettiemae! Focus and concentration are powerful. People fool themselves when they brag about “multi-tasking.” Coincidentally I also have “distractions” on my list of ideas for blog posts.

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